Rabbits & Rodents

Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

On arriving I open one of their hutch doors & wait until they come up to me.   With my hand by the hutch door, I let them smell my hand before stroking them.  I’m very gentle & have learnt over the years the signs telling me that they don’t want to be stroked.  I wash their bowl & chop up their salad/vegetables.  I then put out their foods & change their water bottle/s.

I take them to their separate area so they can have a run around.  I then clean out their hutch.  I check their eyes & behind area for any signs of flystrike. They have cuddles & then back into their hutch.  Unless your rabbits or guinea pigs are outdoors where I wouldn’t need your home keys – I carry out the tasks listed in the “around your home” (more on that here).

Hamsters & Gerbils

When I arrive I open one of their cage doors & wait until they come up to me.  I let them check me out before stroking them.  I place them into their exercise ball & keep them in a small area where I can keep an eye on them, whilst cleaning their cage.  Once I’ve finished cleaning I let them into a larger area & follow them at a distance whilst they run around in their ball.  After they’ve explored & exercised I carefully place them back into their cage to enjoy their food.  If they let me fuss them then I do this.  I carry out the tasks listed in the “around your home” part above.

Degu’s & Chinchilla’s

I firstly see if they are ok & chat to them.  I look after a pair of degu’s named Joey & Chandler who are lovely! They always come straight up to me & have a food pellet through their cage holes.  I see if they want strokes & fuss.  I then wash their bowl, put their food out & change their water bottle.  A few times a week I put their dust bath in their cage.  I remove this before I leave.  For cleaning their cage I let each of them run into a long cardboard tube to be transported to another separate cage.  I know they are sociable but don’t like being held too much.  I complete the tasks in the “about your home” section above.

The Pets I Care For

Around your home

For all different types of pets I ensure your home is secure & carry out the following for you:

  • I draw curtains, switch lights on/off & move post/junk mail out of sight.
  • I’m very careful ensuring all doors are locked & alarms are set.
  • I wheel bin/s out & back again.
  • I water any plants – both indoor & outdoor.

These small things really do help in making your home appear lived in.  I’ve had a client where I found a puddle of water on the kitchen floor.  I found there was a leak under the sink & as I was able to fix it she was very grateful.  Little things like this are peace of mind for you whilst you are away.